The Environment

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The professionals at Workplace Services are always mindful of the environment. We offer both containment services and will work with you to pick out green products and you to meet LEED and other environmental standards.

When working in occupied areas we are trained and equipped to assure containment of airborne contaminants. This is achieved through the use of appropriate HEPA air scrubbers in the areas of construction activity and the temporary restriction of return air and supply registers. Containment barriers are constructed and maintained and monitored by trained, professional specialists who understand the importance of proper containment control procedures. Our team works with healthcare providers to select the appropriate HEPA-filtered devices for your application to help reduce exposure to airborne pathogens associated with Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI's). Maintaining proper air quality on and around the work area is our goal.

We offer a complete line of products using recycled and renewable resources which meet LEED standards.

Through constant training, our installers have become experts at reducing material waste and protecting the environment from potentially hazardous materials used in construction. Workplace Services will work with you from specification to installation to assure the your environmental questions are addressed.

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