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CRI: Carpet & Rug InstituteThe professionals at Workplace Services Maintenance have experienced and handled many specialty items, and have seen many unusual soiling conditions. Fully certified by the manufacturer and the Carpet and Rug Institute, the world’s most recognized governing body for carpet and upholstery cleaners, we have achieved the highest level of qualification in the industry. Continually aware and updating to the latest cutting edge technology; systems are in place to provide clients with first class service. Proven multi-step procedures provide maximum spot and soil removal without over-wetting the fabric or leaving a sticky residue behind.

For deep down carpet cleaning to cleaning of your ceramic tile, grout or VCT we offer the right solution and will work with you to choose the best system to renew the look of your floors.

Workplace Services Maintenance professionals use the most environmentally friendly materials available for the job. Whether cleaning and sealing Resilient floors or ceramic tiles or removing stains and blemishes from heavily trafficked carpeted areas, or accidents, Workplace Services Maintenance professionals will keep your floors looking their best .

Our 12 step floor cleaning process

Step Method Method Description
1 Pre-Inspection Your technician analysis of your carpet to determine which cleaning methods best suites you and your carpet's needs. Included
2 Furniture Moving Our regular pricing includes moving smaller items. There is a charge for moving larger/heaver items. Customer to move electronics, antiques and fragile items. Included
3 Vacuum Removal of all dry soil is very important. IICRC studies have shown that up to 79% of soil within a carpet is dry soil. Included
4 Pre-treat and Pre-spot Your carpet is then pre-treated with a high PH soil lifter that breaks down spots, dirt, etc. Included
5 Agitation / Pre-Groom The pre-treatment is then groomed deeply into the carpet using agitation, further breaking down residue. Included
6 Dwell Time At this time your technician is simply letting the cleaning materials do their job. Included
7 Neutralization Neutralization is key to proper carpet cleaning and carpet longevity. Included
8 Method to be Determined One of the following cleaning methods will be determined upon inspection. Included
8a Extract & Rinse Hot water extraction is key to the removal of soil, particularly oil based spots.
8b Absorbent Pad The bonnet method involves first a pre treatment cleaning solution followed by the use of a rotary machine and a moistened rayon, cotton, and/or polypropylene pad to agitate and remove the soil.
8c Absorbent Compound The absorbent particulate cleaner is applied and mechanically agitated into the carpet pile, where the soil is emulsified, suspended and then absorbed into the mixture and allowed to dry, then vacuumed to remove the soil.
8d Low Moisture Encapsulation The encapsulating cleaner is applied and mechanically agitated into the carpet pile, allowed to dry then vacuumed to remove the encapsulated soil.
9 Post-spot (if necessary) Normal treatment of specialty spots and pet stains. Included
Deodorizer When wet the carpet may begin to release odors. Our deodorizing line enzymes remove, not mask, these odors. Optional
Carpet Protector A protective coating that provides an invisible armor to your carpet and upholstery fibers. Optional
10 Post Grooming To dry properly carpet pile needs to be facing the same direction. Included
11 Speed Dry The humid air in the room must be circulated to allow dry air to absorb your carpet's dampness. Included
12 Post Inspection During this step your technician reviews how well your carpet has responded to the cleaning and makes sure that you have had the best cleaning experience ever. Included

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